Six best places to get free images for your website

free images for your website

A few high-quality images can easily attract more traffic to your website and in the process improve its ranking. However, you should be careful when using images since not all of them are free. With tools like TinEye, anyone can quickly look for and locate his images online at any time, which means that you could end up in jail for using images without authorised permission from the original owner.

Fortunately, there is a safe and straightforward alternative which you can rely on, i.e. the stock photos option. There are hundreds of stock photo websites which provide clear platforms for photographers and photo lovers to link up and trade for free or for some agreed amount of money. The following article takes a detailed look at some of these websites.


Stock.XCHNG has a library of almost 500,000 images which cover different topics. Even though many people consider the site as being one of the best today, it has a more complex image license agreement as compared to its competitors. Thus, it is advisable to try and go through the contract carefully before signing up.


Developed and introduced in 1998, Openphoto has a substantial collection of stock photos which are neatly arranged in different categories. The site has over 700,000 downloadable images which are of high quality.

net has a small but high-quality collection of stock photos, clip arts, logo templates, textures and backgrounds. It is considered by many as the perfect site to find graphics for different websites. However, the images on the site are free for personal, non-commercial use only.


This site has some of the best photos around, with no weighty restrictions on their use. You are not required to register to download any of the availed images since the site is strictly non-profit.

Free Media Goo

Free Media Goo has a tiny library of relatively low-resolution images. However, it still has a few impressive options which you can use without necessarily having to register before downloading.


This site is famous for its excellent search tool which allows one to easily filter different images by keywords, categories, size, rating and colour. It is straightforward to navigate through the different image categories and in the process bypass inappropriate photos which might not work well with you. Morguefile’s license is open, and no registration is required.