V Energy Drink - Starts With V

'Starts With V' is a broadcast, real world and online campaign starring a massive, portable and responsive graffiti paintball gun. We lead the online communication and development of the project.

While The Sweet Shop built the real-life gun and created the TV commercial, we built a digital version that people could design artwork for and fire. Hosted within a website and Facebook application across dual markets, designs could be drawn with an online tool, or uploaded via Facebook, desktop or webcam.

Interactive videos of each artwork being fired could also be shared directly to social networks. The best artwork submissions, as voted by users, were then fired through the actual paintball machine gun at a live event.

We also lead the social media strategy and management of the campaign, highlighting exciting activity and encouraging campaign engagement through competitions, conversations and challenges.

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V Energy Drink


Colenso BBDO

Digital Production

The Rumpus Room

Film Production

The Sweet Shop

Social Media Strategy

The Rumpus Room