Range Rover - Sounds of the City

Range Rover - Sounds of the City

Following on from Range Rover's 'Pulse of the City' campaign (2011), The Rumpus Room worked with The Brooklyn Brothers to plan and develop a multi-user interactive installation where the audience were able to directly influence the audiovisuals.

Motion sensors were rigged to detect movement within predetermined areas around a 1:1 scaled Wireframe model of the Range Rover Evoque, triggering a series of audio and video sequences. These sequenced compositions were created to work in unison, allowing for a multiple play experience.

A 360-degree camera was fitted centrally within the structure capturing audience interaction. Each night this footage would be uploaded to the activation website that was built to accompany the experience. Here any audience member could find themselves within the captured film and share 'their moment'.

The installation appeared at events in London, Madrid and Bucharest, while being accompanied by an appearance at Grand Central Station, New York.

Watch a short video of the installation in action at Grand Central Station, New York.

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