Dell & MTV - Dell Taxi Tour

Dell's sponsorship of the MTV European Music Awards 2008 included a competition offering people the chance to become a Red Carpet Reporter at the awards. Our brief was to add momentum to the competition and build community online with a real world activation.

We took a London taxi and converted it into a self-contained blue screen film studio. We then drove it around 9 key cities in the UK; recruiting crowds of people to generate auditions.

Our taxi featured a fully automated interactive interface allowing people to customise their auditions. They could select their studio environment & background design. Auditions were then automatically compressed and uploaded to the MTV competition online.

We lead the social media strategy and communications throughout the campaign. 50% of ourDell Taxi Tour participants went on to become enthusiastic members of the Dell Taxi Facebook group, continuing to expand the campaign through their own social networks.

The growth of the Facebook community was sustained throughout the tour with strategic activity, including challenges, daily photo uploads and live reports. This now existing community was then tapped to support our next campaign for Dell, Amplichoir.

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