Cadbury - Thanks A Million

After reaching 1 million likes on Facebook, Cadbury Dairy Milk wanted to build a giant chocolate 'thumbs up' for their fans.

We delivered an engaging two day interactive online experience across a website and Facebook application. This featured three live video streams from the studio where the thumb was built, giving people the opportunity to engage and watch the build come together.

People could send messages and photos to the team of Cadbury Dairy Milk workers, who would respond directly to the cameras and post messages up in the studio. Viewers could also 'add a chunk' to the thumb via the Facebook app. When doing so a square of chocolate would be added to the sculpture. When adding a chunk or clicking 'like', people's Facebook profile images were added to a continuous stream of fan portraits that ran across the top of the live scene.

At the end of each day, a video capturing highlights of the experience was released online. Challenges to the online community throughout the experience determined a 'super fan' who was invited to the studio to place the final chunk of chocolate on the completed 12 foot "Thanks A Million" thumbs up.

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